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Olympus CV-180 Video Endoscopy System

PRICE $69950.00


Olympus CV-160 Video Endoscopy System

PRICE $32900.00


Olympus CV-140 Video Endoscopy System

PRICE $16400.00


Pentax EPM-3300 Video Endoscopy System

PRICE $11900.00



H.M.B. Endoscopy Products is dedicated to providing the discerning endoscopist the absolute finest quality totally guaranteed pre-owned endoscopes, endoscopy equipment, endoscopy refurbishments and repairs available from any company located anywhere.

Our responsibility is to the doctors, nurses, patients and health care facilities that have placed their confidence in us and expect us to provide them with an excellent quality instrument so that the endoscopy procedures they do can be completed quickly, without incident and with an accurate diagnosis.


H.M.B. ENDOSCOPY PRODUCTS Scope Restoration Program

Dear Medical Professional:

The world’s economy is uncertain. The new “Affordable Care Act” will change the way American doctors treat their patients. The threat of inflation, chronic unemployment, political unrest and international terrorism affect us all. Save and protect your money. You have worked hard to earn it. Why spend more than $100,000 buying new instrumentation, which depreciates almost 50% after the first few procedures, when H.M.B. Endoscopy Products will provide you with a completely rebuilt, totally restored and guaranteed “state of the art” video endoscopy system for tens of thousands of dollars less. Or, let us rebuild your existing endoscopes and endoscopy equipment to "like new" condition and warranty them just as if they were new against defects in materials and workmanship. It is your money. Hold on to it!!

Complete Restoration of your Flexible Endoscope to "like new" condition for $3500*

All restored and rebuilt scopes have a TWO YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY* against defects in materials and workmanship just like the warranty offered by the original manufacturer.

Send us your scope or video processor for a free evaluation. Once received, we will send you an estimate for the repair or restoration. No work will be done without your written approval.

*does not include ccd chip or image guide bundle. Complete restoration of Olympus 160 and 180 scopes priced slightly higher


Harvey Buxbaum, President

Endoscopy Equipment
Pre-Owned Endoscopes & Endoscope Repair

HMB Endoscopy Products is celebrating its 24th year as the industry leader for new and previously owned endoscopes, endoscopy equipment, supplies, repairs and restorations.

H.M.B. Endoscopy Products is committed to providing you with the highest quality endoscopy equipment, supplies and repairs available anywhere, or from anyone, at remarkably affordable prices. In addition, all the endoscopes sold by HMB Endoscopy Products have been totally refurbished and rebuilt to give you years of reliable service.

We offer you new and previously owned endoscopy accessories manufactured by Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon, Storz and other leading manufacturers. All HMB Endoscopy Products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year. This guarantee, coupled with our unique, Free 90 Day Upgrade Policy, will provide you complete satisfaction - that is our promise to you!

Furthermore, to enhance your comfort and experience with HMB Endoscopy Products, we have a two (2) year extended warranty on all endoscopes we sell. 






OLYMPUS Endorses the Purchase of Pre-Owned Endoscopy Equipment

In a recent article published in Becker’s A S C REVIEW, a periodical that is written for the benefit of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, a pre-owned product manager for Olympus Corporation of America wrote on the topic of purchasing pre-owned endoscopy equipment. He wrote that while purchasing pre-owned equipment is an excellent way to stretch your budget, your supplier must meet certain criteria. Thereby ensuring your investment will provide safe trouble free service.

Compatibility of Olympus Equipment With the AMSCO V-PRO Sterilizers

STERIS Corporation and Olympus America, Inc., recently completed validation studies to confirm the compatibility of Olympus equipment with the AMSCO V-PRO Low Temperature Sterilization Systems. This compatibility gives health care providers another safe reprocessing alternative for their delicate endoscopic devices.


Endoscope Repair 101

Harvey Buxbaum, president of HMB Endoscopy Products, recently participated in an EndoNurse Q&A about endoscopy repair. For more than 20 years, HMB Endoscopy Products has provided new and pre-owned endoscopy equipment, repairs and accessories. Buxbaum believes that flexible endoscopes are as difficult and precarious to maintain now as ever before, but that certain actions can prolong endoscope life significantly.