STERIS Corporation and Olympus America, Inc., recently completed validation studies to confirm the compatibility of Olympus equipment with the AMSCO V-PRO Low Temperature Sterilization Systems. This compatibility gives health care providers another safe reprocessing alternative for their delicate endoscopic devices.

The V-PRO maX system, a low-temperature vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization processing program, has three cycles: a 35-minute flexible cycle, a 55-minute lumen cycle and a 28-minute non-lumen cycle. The V-PRO 1 Plus Sterilizer has two cycles: a lumen cycle and a non-lumen cycle. And the V-PRO 1 Sterilizer has one cycle, which is identical to the lumen cycle in other V-PRO sterilizers.

The flexible cycle enables sterilization of single- and dual-channel surgical flexible endoscopes with or without load. The non-lumen cycle sterilizes devices such as telescopes, bipolar forceps, cameras, light cables, batteries and non-lumen endoscopes. The lumen cycle sterilizes stainless steel instruments, such as resectoscopes, trocars and cannulas.

Olympus flexible endoscopes that are compatible with the V-PRO maX (non-lumen or flexible cycles) and V-PRO 1 Plus (non-lumen cycle) systems are identified by a white line on the control section; Olympus flexible endoscopes that do not contain this identifying white line are not compatible with the V-PRO systems.

For more information, review the official document “Compatibility of Olympus Equipment with the Amsco V-PRO Sterilizers” or visit

—Based on press releases from Olympus and STERIS