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Endoscope Cleaning

Bed-Side Pre-Clean Kit

First Step Bed-Side Pre-Clean Kit

The First Step in reprocessing a flexible endoscope is to wipe down the insertion tube and suction up enzymatic detergent/water through the working channels. First Step bed side kits put it all together in one convenient kit.

30 Kits per dispenser box $ 300.00

Simple 2 Endo-Pack

Simple 2 Endo Pack

All-in-one pre-clean kit. Used in the decontamination area to prep flexible endoscopes. Combines concentrated Simple2 Enzymatic Detergent with a Caterpillar Brush and Krinkle Pad.

50 Kits per dispenser box $ 265.00

Caterpillar Brush

Large Caterpillar Brush (100/case) $ 305.00
Used on flexible endoscopes with working channels having an inner diameter of 2.8mm to 4.5mm and a max channel length of 198cm

Small Caterpillar Brush (100/case) $ 300.00
Used on flexible endoscopes with working channels having an inner diameter of 2 to 2.2 mm and a max channel length of 89cm

One pass of the Caterpillar is equivalent to three to four passes of a standard push through brush. Simply insert the green tip until it emerges from the opposite end. Use the leader to pull the bristle section through the channel. Unlike the back and forth motion used with "push-through" brushes, the single direction prevents debris from backing up the channel.

Instrument Detergents & Lubricants

Enzymatic Detergent
All Purpose Multi-Enzyme Solution effectively dissolves blood, fat, protein, tissue and most other forms of organic protenacious materials.

Enzymatic Detergent Features & Benefits

  • Multi Tiered Enzymes—Enzymes work effectively when bioburden particles are encapsulated with different types of organic compounds.  Contains proteases, amylase, carbohydrase and lipase.
  • Low Foaming—Can be used in ultrasonic cleaners, washers and other automated equipment.
  • pH Neutral—Will not rust or damage stainless steel instruments.  Does not adversely affect delicate endoscopic instruments.
  • Free Rinsing Simple2 has a lower surface tension than water, improving the effectiveness of the after soak rinse cycle.
Enzymatic Detergent Chart
  • First Step Enzymatic Spray starts breaking down bio-burden immediately after use. Easy to use spray bottle makes a point of use application convenient.  First Step Simple 2 Enzymatic Spray is a multi-tiered formula that breaks down all common forms of bioburden.  Prevents corrosion, pitting, staining and protein build-up. Neutral Ph and biodegradeable.
  • Instrument Lubricant—Lubricating instruments after every cleaning is the most effective way of maintaining quality instrument performance. Prevents dulling, hinge and joint damage and stiff action.  All moving parts should be lubricated regularly
Enzymatic Detergent
Enzymatic Detergent