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Endoscopy Equipment

Endoscopes have many practical needs. And H.M.B. Endoscopy Products (Hollywood, Florida) has been providing endoscopic equipment and educating people on the use of endoscopes for more than 17 years. Be sure to Browse our Catalog for all the details on how to purchase these medical instruments that can examine any part of the body.

In the simplest terms, Endoscopy equipment consists of instruments that can look at the inside of many different organs — these are small, flexible or rigid tubes with a light or lenses on the end that can look into the esophagus, stomach and colon — and in more general terms endoscopy equipment can help doctors look deep inside body structures and hollow organs.

An endoscope and related endoscope products and equipment are usually composed of three components:

  • An optic system that allows the doctor to look through the scope into the organ or cavity, or to attach a video camera to the scope
  • A fiberoptic cable to light up the bodily area
  • A lumen (e.g. the bore of a tube, like a needle or catheter) to take tissue samples of the area being viewed

The beauty of endoscopic products is that they perform dual functions — with both diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. For example, this means that these endoscopic products and instruments can perform biopsies (e.g. to evaluate tissue samples) as well as provide sclerotherapy (a medical procedure used to treat varicose veins and “spider veins”). In truth, these brief explanations only tell part of the story.


Take a look at the different types of endoscopic equipment you can get with H.M.B. Endoscopy Products. Again, in very general terms, there are two main types of endoscopes:

  1. rigid endoscopes – the majority of which use a convex (curving out, like one half of a circle) glass lens system, in which the small glass lenses are separated by large air spaces.
  2. flexible endoscopes allow for just that — flexibility. In the animal kingdom, for example, a flexible endoscope would be perfect for examining the stomach area of a snake.

The popularity of endoscopy equipment continues to grow. Some of the industry’s household names include Olympus, Pentax, Funjinon and Storz — with H.M.B. both selling and repairing pre-owned and completely refurbished endoscopic products from each of these major manufacturers. Browse our Catalog to get the ones you need!