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Fiberoptic Endoscopes

Thanks to H.M.B Endoscopy Products, buying high-quality new and used fiberoptic endoscopes doesn’t have to be expensive! H.M.B Endoscopy Products, located in Hollywood, Florida, is a distributor with more than 17 years’ experience in the sale and repair of new, pre-owned and totally refurbished endoscopes and endoscopic products made by major manufacturers around the world.

Fiberoptic endoscopes are part of the vast variety of endoscopes that H.M.B has to offer, at our Florida location as well as in our online store. You don’t need to wait — learn more about these products right now! Just Browse our Catalog to view all the products and information.


An endoscope is a device, with an attached light, that’s used to look inside a body cavity or organ. The scope is inserted through a natural opening or through a small incision in the skin of the patient. Because the endoscopes are so precise and offer the ability to look inside a patient’s body without major intervention, most endoscopies are performed on an outpatient basis. Some examples of endoscopies performed through a natural opening are:

  • The mouth during a bronchoscopy
  • The rectum for a sigmoidoscopy
  • The vagina for a cystoscopy

The technological advances in the field of endoscopies have not only helped medicine and veterinary professionals do a better, more meticulous work, they’ve also helped patients, offering them the choice of undergoing minimal invasive procedures whenever it is appropriate for their case.


There are two kinds of endoscopes: rigid and flexible. In general, a flexible endoscope is referred to as a fiberscope. The main difference between these two types of endoscopes is the way they capture the images. The fiberoptic ones have a bunch of precisely aligned flexible optical fibers to light the area and/or capture the image, while in the rigid endoscopes the image is conveyed by a relay of lenses.

Some fiberoptic endoscopes include the upper gastrointestinal endoscope (for the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum), the colonoscope (for the colon), and the bronchoscope (for the bronchial tubes). With fiber optics, much more maneuverable instruments can be made, allowing surgeons to reach formerly inaccessible places and explore different areas of the body, while causing much less discomfort for the patient. Attachments added to the endoscopes can take tissue samples, excise polyps and small tumors, and remove foreign objects.

H.M.B Endoscopy Products provides you with fiberoptic endoscopes from major manufacturers like Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon and Storz. Don’t delay — just check Our Catalog right now to find and buy the best, most affordable fiberoptic endoscopes for your practice.