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Olympus Endoscopes

Looking for endoscopy equipment, endoscope repairing or used endoscopes by Olympus? Explore no more for H.M.B. Endoscopy Products (Hollywood, Florida) is the field leader that offers you both best price and best service. Be sure to Browse our Catalog in order to find and purchase the Olympus endoscopes you require today!

All H.M.B Endoscopy Products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for up to one (1) year. By offering this guarantee, in addition to our unique, free 90-day upgrade policy, we’re aiming for your complete satisfaction. Recently, we have also enhanced our customers’ experience by enacting a two-year warranty on all endoscopes that we sell, whether new or refurbished.


Endoscopy is a minimally invasive medical procedure, performed for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. Endoscopies allow doctors to assess different interior surfaces of an organ by inserting a tiny tube into the body, often, but not necessarily, through a natural body opening. Through the scope, doctors can see lesions and other surface conditions inside the body of both people and animals.

Endoscopes are tubes used to obtain a view within the body without making a large incision. Endoscopes consist of three tubes:

  • One that emits light to explore the organ
  • Another which transmits the image
  • A third one that can be used for the administration of drugs or to hold a device for tissue samples or removal


Olympus created the first camera that allowed looking inside the human body for medical reasons. This fact, plus over fifty-years of experience with endoscopes, makes Olympus the best choice when looking for brand-new or refurbished endoscopic equipment.
Since 1919, Olympus has developed pioneering technology solutions that provide medical, scientific, and diagnostic markets with quality products and services that help customers competently achieve exceptional results.

The premium products by Olympus include endoscopes for different specialties, such as anesthesiology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, colon and rectal surgery, office endoscopy and pulmonology.

Just Browse our Catalog to learn more about our Olympus endoscopes and endoscopy equipments. If you have any request for an item not in the Catalog, please let us know about it, so we can do our best to get you what you want at an affordable price. Come and visit us at our Florida showroom or in our online store; we look forward to helping you.