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Pentax Endoscopes

Pentax endoscopes are part of the superior selection of products that H.M.B. Endoscopy Products, a division of H.M.B. Health Care Products, Inc., can offer you! We are a distributor of flexible and rigid endoscopes by Pentax, and either new or pre-owned, H.M.B. Endoscopy Products have been refurbished not only to meet Pentax’s specifications but also to be guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for up to one (1) year.

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Do you need years of service from your endoscope? Trust our over 40-years of experience in the field of surgical and endoscopic products. We are committed to saving you thousands of dollars when you purchase your new or refurbished endoscopes. H.M.B. Endoscopy Products is a helpful resource to use when making purchase decisions of endoscopic instrumentation.


Endoscopy is the examination of the inside of the body using a lighted, flexible instrument called an endoscope. In general, an endoscope is placed into the body through a natural opening like the mouth or anus. The most common endoscopic procedures evaluate the esophagus (swallowing tube), stomach, and portions of the intestine, colon, or airway (bronchoscopy).
An endoscopy is used to diagnose or treat a condition. There are many types of endoscopy; examples include colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, gastroscopy, enteroscopy, and esophageal gastroduo endoscopy (EGD).


The brand Pentax is known for its innovations and the use of leading-edge technology in the development of devices with great design, ergonomics, and performance. Pentax has also partnered with healthcare professionals to provide the highest quality in patient care. In the medical field, Pentax offers a wide range of products including endoscopes, bronchoscopes, intubation scopes, ENT scopes, and video equipment.
Founded in 1919 as Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co., Pentax quickly became a technological leader in the SLR camera industry with the introduction of its first SLR camera, the Asahiflex I, in 1952. Since then, Pentax Corporation has made many contributions with state-of-the-art products – many of them "world firsts."

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