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Rigid Endoscopes

As a worldwide partner in the healthcare products industry, H.M.B. Endoscopy Products is proud to offer a wide variety of endoscopy equipment, including all types of flexible and rigid endoscopes from well-known companies like Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon and Storz. Be sure to Browse our Catalog to find and purchase the rigid endoscopes you need, right here!

The first attempts at creating an endoscope come from Greek and Roman times, so it’s no accident that the word “endoscope” comes from two Greek words: endon (inside) and scopeo (to look at). Rigid endoscopes were the first ones to be built by doctors and researchers.

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Definition of Rigid Endoscopes

For those who are not familiar with rigid endoscopes, they are small tubular telescopes that allow physicians to look inside joints and body cavities that otherwise could only be examined through a more invasive procedure. These rigid scopes work very well in conjunction with a camera system, so surgeons can view a greatly magnified image of the affected area.

Nowadays, many brand-name companies make rigid endoscopes in different models, for all kinds of surgical needs for both humans and animals. Commonly, rigid endoscopes incorporate a convex glass lens system, in which the small glass lenses are separated by large air spaces.

Uses of Rigid Endoscopes

Minimally invasive procedures have revolutionized modern medicine, and the use of rigid endoscopes for many diagnoses and procedures has helped thousands of patients around the world. A rigid endoscope is used in procedures such as: 

  • Exploration and biopsy of the abdomen (in organs such as the liver, prostate, pancreas, lymph nodes, kidney, small intestines, and others)
  • Examination of the thorax and chest
  • Biopsy for diagnosis on cancer patients (detection and staging)
  • Surgery or exploration of the joints (arthroscopy)
  • Endoscopic examination and biopsies of organs such as urinary bladder, nose, and ears

Let H.M.B Endoscopy Products help you balance your medical buying budget and keep you abreast of the latest trends in the world of endoscopic equipment. All you have to do is Browse our Catalog to find the brand-new or refurbished rigid scopes you need.