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Veterinarian Products

HMB offers high quality preowned and refurbished Veterinary Endoscopes and Endoscopy Products manufactured by Olympus, Pentax, Storz, Sony and Stryker. All the products we sell are new or pre-owned and have been refurbished so that they meet the original manufacturer's specifications. We have fiber and video endoscopes designed for the small and mixed animal practicioner as well as the equine or large animal veterinarian. Download Veterinarian Catalog


What you should know and ask about the
company when buying an endoscope.

1. STABILITY: HMB is one of the oldest companies in the field of refurbished endoscopy instrumentation. The company has been selling and repairing endoscopy products since the late 1980's.
Endoscopy Products
5. 2 YEAR WARRANTY: HMB gives you a Two (2) Year Extended Warranty on all the endoscopes we sell. We are the only company offering this comprehensive of a warranty on new or used equipment.

2. EXPERTISE: HMB specializes in flexible and rigid endoscopy products specifically from Pentax and Olympus. Endoscopy is our only business.

6. UPGRADE POLICY: HMB’s upgrade policy assures you of never making a bad buying decision. Within 90 days of purchase you can receive full credit towards the purchase or any other product of equal or greater value.

3. INNOVATION: HMB has been servicing the Vet community for 15+ years. HMB was among the first to deliver 3M scopes and most recently has begun delivering a portable Olympus and / or Pentax Video system for use in the stable. The system supports all sizes of scopes.

7. INTERNATIONAL: HMB conducts business in over 70 countries around the world. Additionally, we have delivered veterinarian instrumentation into more than 15 countries across the globe.

4. SERVICE: HMB delivers complete service and support from our on premises repair facilities. The technicians at HMB are factory trained on Olympus and Pentax as well as experienced with most other major brands including Fujinon, Storz and Stryker.

  8. EASE: With our experience around the world we have instituted multiple policies to ease the process of doing business. Through our online portal clients can gather information on countless endoscopy products to enable a wise buying decision. The staff at HMB has more than 100 years combined experience in the endoscopy field.